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‘Queen of Hearts Masquerade Ball’ Tickets Selling


ARE’s Mardi Gras 6th Annual MARDI GRAS-Benefit                                           

The Clock is ticking & tickets are selling……Don’t wait-Get yours now….

Date: Feb 18, 2012

Winchester Elks Lodge, 466 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA 22602

Doors Open: 6:00pm till ahhh….1am ish.. whenever the party stops baby!

Price: $30pp which includes dinner & King Cake (Discounts available for tables of 8 or more$200) Age 21 or older to party with us….


Contact ARE for ticket information 540-536-5291

50/50, live & silent auction, raffle items, door prizes, DJ, costume contest, speciality beads, jugglers, fortune teller and so much more….

Don’t miss the event of the winter…… Come get your ‘beads’ at Winchester’s only ‘TRUE’ Mardi Gras Party..

Madonna Talks About HIV/AIDS



Madonna performed at last night’s NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show which was quite a spectacular event to match the great game.  In promoting her new upcoming album, Madonna also talked to reporters about HIV/AIDS.  

Madonna has said she was “extremely affected” by the AIDS crisis.  The 53-year-year-old Madonna made her comments in a cover story with The Advocate. Madonna observed that the crisis brought out the worst in some people. 

“I was extremely affected by it,” she said, insisting that it’s “OK, to be gay, period.” 

“I saw how people treated them differently. I saw the prejudices, and I think probably I got that confused with, intertwined with, you know, maybe things that … ways that people treated me differently.” 

We’ll see what this Diva has to offer with the media in regards to fighting HIV/AIDS and we know her voice can be heard.“But I’m back,” she added. “Never fear.” 

Tom Thayer 

Info: http://www.ontopmag.com/article.aspx?id=10854&MediaType=1&Category=22


This Day in History Jan 31, 1995: AIDS Becomes the Leading Cause of Death in Americans Aged 25 to 44


AIDS was first recognized in 1981. By 1995, according to data released by the Federal Centers for Disease Control on the 31st of 1995, AIDS had become the leading cause of death in Americans aged 25 to 44. It surpassed unintentional injury, cancer, and heart disease. While the report was released in 1995, it was based on collected data up to 1993, meaning that the disease actually became the leading cause of death in 1992.

The CDC also released information regarding the rise of HIV infection among heterosexual couples. By 1992, the leading transmission route for HIV was through heterosexual sex, making the disease an epidemic impacting persons across all spectrum’s of American life. 

Source: http://nyti.ms/sOG7wE 

For more information about ARE’s services, or to learn how you can help, contact Janet Tinkham at 540-536-5293. This post has been provided by Victoria Kidd, freelance writer and owner of OMP Consulting Group. (www.ompcg.com)


Smoking and HIV


Cigarette smoking, not HIV disease–specific factors, is the most important risk factor for lung cancer in people living with HIV, according to a new paper in the British Journal of Cancer reported by aidsmap.

 This  study calls into question the results of other papers suggesting that histories of low CD4 cell counts, uncontrolled viral loads and AIDS-related lung disease are also major risk factors for lung cancer.

There was no evidence that an AIDS diagnosis with or without pulmonary involvement was associated with lung cancer, the aidsmap report notes. Similarly, neither a history of immune deficiency nor a limited use of antiretroviral therapy was found to increase the risk of lung cancer.

“Our carefully matched case-controlled study…suggests no evidence for a significant effect of HIV-related immunodeficiency on lung cancer risk in this high-risk population,” the investigators wrote. “None of the classic markers or HIV-related immunodeficiency, including low CD4 cell counts, high viral load nor history of AIDS or AIDS-related pulmonary disease, showed any clear association with lung cancer.”

So if you’re a smoker, do your best to cut back if you can’t stop.  Take care of yourself, we care about your health.

Tom Thayer

source: http://www.poz.com/articles/hiv_smoking_cancer_761_21783.shtml

Former Pro Wrestler Sentenced for Passing HIV to Partners


 Former professional wrestler Andre Davis faced the possibility of decades in prison after being convicted in November of 14 counts of felonious assault under an 11-year-old state law making it a crime for anyone diagnosed with HIV or AIDS to have sex without disclosing that status to their partner.  The law applies regardless of whether HIV is transmitted.
The judge just sentenced Davis to 32 years in prison this week.Davis, without telling his partners he tested positive for HIV, told a judge Monday that he was a “sex addict.”  In court, Davis said that when he lost his”childhood dream” of being a professional wrestler, his addiction to sex got worse.  Davis said he did not disclose his HIV test results because he did not want his family to know. 

So, does the time fit the crime I ask you? Davis willingly and knowingly infected others with HIV/AIDS without remorse just because he was a ‘sex addict’?  Stories like this frighten us here because we get calls from individuals that are panicked and need Free HIV Testing from our agency.  They were picked up a bar, dated someone they thought they knew, had someone cheat on them and 0ther various reasons but the final result was possible HIV/AIDS infection.  Can you really trust someone with your health and your life just for a few fleeting moments of unprotected sex?
Tom Thayer