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Shenandoah University-Alpha Psi Omega

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This SU organization & students just make our hearts smile of how we ‘can’ have hope for future generations.

Condoms,College and Spring Break


Ahhh college days. If you’ve never been its quite an experience.  So many people thrown together away from parents and your now making decisions on your own.  That’s now where problems begin.

Researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine Women completed a study.  They found that women gradually used condoms less frequently during their first year of college. This was particularly true for women who binge drink, have lower grade point averages or come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.  The research is published online in the Journal of Sex Research.

College is a time when young people are more sexually active and use condoms inconsistently. We know unprotected sex puts women at greater risk for unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STI/STD). 

Of the 279 females that were surveyed nearly 75% of participants were caucasian.  The study also revealed several unexpected predictors of initial condom use. African American women, women who did not smoke marijuana, women who said they are less likely to practice safe sex after drinking and women with more previous sexual partners were less likely to use condoms at the start of the study. That should get your attention if you’re a parent.

ARE does outreach and HIV Testing on the campuses of Shenandoah University & James Madison University.  We are always stunned at the amount of no HIV knowledge to risks taken aftering drinking.  Spring break is upon the colleges and the students are swarming to famous watering holes.  Upon returning, we hope they are only bringing back trinkets for friends and not an STI/STD or HIV.

Tom Thayer

info: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/242281.php