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More Health Problems for Greece


From the frying pan to the fire, Greece is now facing another emergency.  An angry country has voted out its current leadership which has left Greece in turmoil. The election which rejected a painful international bailout and left big questions over whether the country could avert bankruptcy and stay in the euro.

The conservative New Democracy party which won the biggest share of the vote in Sunday’s poll. Both New Democracy and Socialist PASOK were devastated by the election, in which Greeks angrily voted against the two traditional ruling parties who had imposed bitter economic hardship in exchange for a bailout to avert a sovereign default. Which leads to an already blog I did about Greece’s exploding health crisis.  Another story regarding HIV/AIDS caught my attention from there.

Two more alleged prostitutes were found to be HIV positive on Monday following medical checks by mobile health units in at least three inner city districts where brothels are found and where streetwalkers operate. Things are deteriorating now that HIV+ prostitutes are operating and possibly spreading the disease without check. 
According to an announcement by the Center for the Control and Prevention of Diseases, “in the first health check in public spaces where streetwalkers operate (24 people were checked), one prostitute was found positive with the HIV virus (near Omonia square).” Units are carrying out checks in brothels, in public areas frequented by streetwalkers and seedy downtown apartments frequented by illegal migrants. As I’ve mentioned before, this will happen all over the world and in Britian with the upcoming Summer Olympics.  People looking for ‘services’ in other countries need to be ‘EXTRA’ careful.  I wonder if our Secret Service is planning any upcoming trips to Greece? If so, boys you better be careful! Now you know.
Tom Thayer
http://tv.yahoo.com/daytime/escort-calls-secret-service-stupid-idiots-29216400.html (interesting video clip from Columbian prostitute with the Secret Service)

Secret Service-Pushing the Envelope of Sex


I finally decided to weigh in on this story, not because the embarrassment toward to our Government and The White House but because of the risks involved with unprotected sex in other countries. 

investigators believe included heavy drinking, visits to a strip club and payments to women working as prostitutes. And it sounds like this behavior has been around for awhile.  We all know that’s true, these guys just got busted that’s all.

Taking away National Security and protection issues.  What we have here is many men acting like “College Boys Gone Wild” in other countries throwing their weight and badges around to get what they want.  Did they ever consider the increased risks of Sexual Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS in other countries? A person can wear a condom which greatly decreases the chances of possible infection but doesn’t stop it.  Are any of these men married or in a serious relationship and given thought about passing any diseases onto their significant others when they got home? Obviously not, or they wouldn’t have done it.  Any educated person should know the risks of sex with prostitutes in other Third World Countries like Columbia. 

Its just sad to see this type of behavior from Government Officials, but I’m sure this ‘Sex-gate’ will grow to involve many more individuals.  May I offer my humble advice to the Secret Service? Get yourself tested boys while you’re looking for a job. ARE offers FREE HIV Testing if you’re in our area. Just saying.

Tom Thayer

Europe to see an HIV/AIDS Increase with Soccer Events and Olympics


 The World’s oldest profession will be front and center in Europe this year.  This will be due to the upcoming Olympics and numerous Soccer sporting events taken place there. 

The biggest concern will be the spread of HIV/AIDS and STI/STDS. Almost 1 of 5 sex workers in the Russian Country of Ukraine is infected with some form of STI/STD.  A probe by The Sun Newspaper found out the prostitutes plan to cash in on the likely surge in demand while keeping their disease secret. 

English-speaking Kate, 24, has never stopped plying her trade near the stadium where England will play France and Ukraine. She laughed: “The England fans will make me a millionaire!” She insisted there was “no risk” of her passing on the infection. Another girl quoted, “But I obviously won’t be telling my clients I’ve been infected, that would ruin everything.’ 

We can see the writing on the wall with an increase in HIV/AIDS in Europe this summer due to risky, unprotected sex.

 “I’m lucky because the virus hasn’t made me sick. I still have my looks and the drugs I’m given to boost my immune system work well. Lots of girls in the Ukraine are like me.” Ukraine has Europe’s highest HIV/Aids rate with 500,000 people — more than 1% of its 46 million population — are infected. Anya, 21, says, “I don’t see why I should stop seeing clients, so long as I’m careful. It’s a good opportunity to make money.” 

Yana, 43, who plans to double her prices, said: “England fans who want girls like us this summer shouldn’t worry. HIV is not the death sentence it used to be. We won’t infect anyone.” 

Just reading these quotes are scary since they fully aren’t informed about the virus or don’t care about infecting others. 
Tom Thayer 

Info: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4218845/HIV-hookers-peril-for-England-fans-at-Euro-2012.html