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Sock Monkeys Donated for HIV/AIDS

sock monkey

You’re wondering what the classic Sock Monkeys have to do with HIV/AIDS? Here’s the interesting story that we came across.

Katarina Thorsen, full-time art therapist at Keith Lynn Alternative secondary, heard about a Toronto-based sock monkey project a few years ago. Operation Sock Monkey supports Clowns Without Borders South Africa by shipping handmade monkeys to HIV/AIDS-affected communities in South Africa, Sudan and Ethiopia. The organization promotes hope and healing through laughter.

 Her sock monkey-making classes help not just HIV/AIDS-affected communities but also her own students. Keith Lynn secondary is home to 120 students, many of whom face emotional, social and academic challenges that prevent them from attending mainstream schools. Thorsen introduced a sock monkey art class over a year ago as a therapy tool to help students deal with poverty, abuse and anxiety.

Thorsen uses the art project as a way to teach students about the importance of sharing, creating and giving. Students learn how to create something simple yet special, she said. “There’s something very powerful about creating this little thing out of a sock,” Thorsen said. “It’s just magic.”

Its an amazing project which benefits both parties involved.  And if it involves Sock Monkeys, I love it!!!

Tom Thayer

info: http://www.nsnews.com/entertainment/movie-guide/Sock+monkeys+make+world+change/3177907/story.html?id=3177907