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This Day in History: February 28, 2007-Two New Drugs in the HIV Fight Announced


February 28, 2007 

A New York Times article appearing in February of 2007, announced the development of two new drugs to help fight HIV/AIDS. The drugs, maraviroc and raltegravir, worked in different ways from other medications commonly used at that time. 

In 2007, there were only around twenty medications used to fight HIV, but they all worked in very similar ways. In fact, there were really only four classes of HIV medications, meaning that patients who experienced resistance to one drug in a class often were unable to use any other medications in that class. Expanding classes of drugs was very important because it expanded treatment options. 

The announcement of these two new drugs marked the development of the first new class of HIV/AIDS medications since 2003 when Fuzeon was introduced. It was small milestones such as this that led to dramatic increases in the quality of life for HIV/AIDS patients. They provided the foundation for the advancements that we are witnessing today. 

To read the original 2007 article, visit http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/28/health/28hiv.html?scp=32&sq=hiv+treatment&st=nyt

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