Support Services

Support Services

Case Management

Intakes: Comprehensive assessments to assist with the development of individualized service plans and access to services based on needs presented.

  • Criteria for Ryan White funded Medical Case Management includes proof of HIV/AIDS diagnoses and financial eligibility; this eligibility will be determined at time of screening. Please call for an appointment.
  • Items to bring to the scheduled Intake: form of picture ID, Social Security card if available, proof of income (W-2, most recent check stubs, bank statement, unemployment verification, etc.), proof of diagnoses (Western Blot, most recent CD4/Viral Load).

Linkages/Referrals: Referrals by Case Managers are made to other community organizations and providers for lab work, physician visits, mental health issues, food banks, etc., based on individualized needs.

Financial Services:

Based on availability of funding and eligibility, ARE may be able to assist with payment of various services provided to the client such as lab work, physician visits, dental care, nutritional support and medical transportation.




Support Groups

While ARE currently provides a HIV+ Gay men’s support group we are anticipating the future development of other target support groups and education programs. The current group is a mixture of views and interests. The Gay men’s support group meets on Thursday evening from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. We gather for information exchanges on a variety of topics ranging from political current events related to HIV to addressing issues related to the newly diagnosed. We engage in group focused conversations and occasionally arrange outings for integration into our community.  Please call 540-536-5291 for more information.

Medication Assistance

Case Managers will help consumers apply to be placed on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).

Case Managers will help consumers apply for various Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). Please go to for a comprehensive list of medication and corresponding programs for free and/or low cost medication. You may also call a Case Manager for assistance.

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