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Unprotected Oral Sex May Lead to HIV Positive Result


No Going Back.  There is Only Going Forward

I would like you to meet Jessica.  She is 26 years old, a former volunteer in the Peace Corps, and HIV Positive.  Do these facts define her, no but they have changed her life forever.

She set out to help others in Zambia but instead after only 7 months was the one needing help.  She went to Zambia with the Peace Corps and after being there a while began to get homesick.  She didn’t intend to find romance during her journey but she was enjoying all the extra attention.

One person in particular, a local, showed her a good time while visiting the capital city.  They were out dancing, talking and in general just having a good time getting to know one another.  They exchanged phone numbers and continued their relationship.  He wanted more than just casual conversation but she resisted the urges at first.

She eventually after a few days, decided to give him unprotected oral sex because she wanted to fulfill his desires for her.  The next day they met up again and the same thing, she gave him oral unprotected sex and on this same night they had protected sex, using condoms.

17 days later, she was really sick with what she thought was Malaria but it turned out to be HIV.  You can read her account of these events directly on her blog.

I admire her courage for speaking out about this publicly.  She is now back living in the US, taking her medications and trying to live her life.  She is an active blogger letting all of us follow her on her journey with this virus.

It made me stop and think of all the information out there, even the CDC provides guidance on oral sex but how big is the risk?  After reading her blog, I would HIGHLY recommend if you are going to engage in ANY type of sex, oral included, to use protection.  Jessica had to learn this the hard way, so please don’t think you are immune to it and use those famous last words, “It would never happen to me”.

Update:  Please read Jessica’s response to this article.

Publicly Disclosing Your HIV Positive


Recently, I noticed several of our articles had been tweeted by @babygurljoyner.  I immediately thanked her for the “twitter love” and then spent some time reading her blog.  I can only imagine the courage it must take to come out publicly with your HIV status.  Once you read her story, you can’t help but realize Trista is a very brave person that I admire for her openness and honesty.

Her passion for life is in every sentence.  If you go back and read her entire blog, you will get to know her and realize in the beginning she was scared.  The questions from everyone asking how this happened?  Who gave you the virus?  She kept her status a secret as much as possible.  Her mom and best friend play an important role in her life, helping her form opinions of who to tell of her status and when.  Her mom early on told her entire family she was positive but she quickly realized they were all very supportive.

She talks about her romantic life and the challenges associated with being HIV positive.  She recently lost her soulmate, Mike, yet she still has a wonderful outlook on life.

She encourages everyone to get tested and know your status.  I hope more people will talk about their status because it is the only way the stigmas are going to be broken down.

I encourage everyone to go read Trista’s blog, show your support, share this story with your friends and family because she is a true celebrity!

HIV+ Country Singers Debut Album-Jimbeau Hinson

jimbeau hinson

You don’t hear everyday that an artist is releasing an debut album and stating that his HIV+ status at the same time.  But that’s what country Singer Jimbeau Hinson is doing. His album Strong Medicine, the first album by openly bisexual and HIV+ country musician and songwriter Jimbeau Hinson, debuted September 25, according to a statement by his recording label Wrinkled Records.

His career as a front man was cut short after he came out as bisexual in the 1970s, but he continued to write songs for country artists. After Hinson tested HIV positive in the 1980s, he and his wife kept the diagnosis secret for more than a decade. What stopped Hinson in 1985 was the devastating news that he was HIV-positive. He and his beloved wife Brenda Fielder made the wrenching decision to keep this truth to themselves, primarily to protect the business she had built. “After years of decline and near death, I came back a soul reborn. I am here to remind people to be grateful for each healthy breath, treat each day as a gift, and live them all with an open, honest heart.” says Hinson referring to his years of living his life & status in secret.

His notable writing credits include “Fancy Free” by the Oak Ridge Boys, “Broken Trust” by Brenda Lee and “Party Crowd” by David Lee Murphy, which was Radio and Record’s Most Played Country Song of 1995. His experiences living with HIV and his sexual orientation are reflected in the Strong Medicinealbum. His other eclectic catalogue includes,” Steve Earle’s classic “Hillbilly Highway,” Patty Loveless’s first country single “After All,” to name some more.

Take a listen to his music, I think you’ll be impressed as I was…..

We wish him the best of success and he steps back in front & center of the limelight with head held high…. more power to you friend.

Tom Thayer