David Oliver-Actor Lost to HIV/AIDS

A Year in the LifeDavid Oliver was an American actor best known for his roles on two television programs.

From 1983 to 1985, he played the role of Perry Hutchins on the daytime soap opera Another World. ANOTHER WORLD fans fell in love with the handsome young actor when he debuted the role of Perry in June 1983. Perry was Carl’s son and had a sweet romance with Nancy (Jane Cameron). His character, Perry died in May 1985 (a soap opera death which is always dramatic!) when he fell from the Love barn loft after seeing Marley’s identical twin, Victoria (Ellen Wheeler). Trivia: His final words were “You’re not getting away with this!” (Great line!)

In 1986 he played the role of Sam Gardner in the miniseries A Year in the Life. The miniseries then became a regular series in the fall of 1987 and ran on NBC for one season. Oliver’s wife in both the miniseries and regular series was played by a young Sarah Jessica Parker. He played in many roles from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Murder She Wrote, 21 Jump Street and many more.

Oliver died of complications due to AIDS on November 12, 1992. he was only 30 years old…His career might have been brief on the screen, but everyone leaves a mark behind in those lives they touch while alive.

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