Commonwealth of Virginia HIV/AIDS Statistics


Here is just a sampling of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statistics on people living with HIV/AIDS.virginia 

According to the report, which is dated up to June 30, 2012.

  • There are 24,378 persons living with HIV/AIDS in Virginia
  • 17,983 are males
  • 6,395 are females

A quick look at the age groups shows the highest infection rates are:

  • 40-44yr old (3,455)
  • 45-49yr old (4,747)
  • 50-54yr old (4,120)
  • and other age brackets I didn’t list

To us that shows either an aging of the HIV/AIDS population who were infected earlier in life or newer infections. We’d have to look more closely at those numbers to see.

Then I looked at what groups were infected the the most:

  • African American 10,400
  • Caucausian  7,361
  • Hispanic   1,715
  • then other groups which i didn’t break down here.

Now remember, these numbers are ‘only’ what is reported to the Health Department. We know there are many HIV+ individuals living without letting others know their positive status, those falling out of care or just moved to the area without care. There could be some other reasons, but my point is: those numbers are high and growing.

The CDC says almost 25% of the Nations HIV infected persons don’t know they’re infected. That’s enough to make you think… Now you know.

Tom Thayer


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