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Our dear readers. I hope this new year of 2013 will be good to you and to our agency here. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to ask, “How are we doing?”.

writingBy that, I mean, I try to gather relevant important health related issues that could concern our readers or what’s happening in the world around us. I also monitor medical, legislation, world, state, entertainment, local and community stories to keep you ‘informed’. I try to bring you that information in a ‘short’ narrative way, plus include the link for further reading. I hope that some of these stories have enlightened you as well.

Also, with our job dealing with health issues all day, we need to laugh. Laughter is so important I feel. One cannot go through life without laughter and you’d be bored silly if I didn’t’ break it up a bit. I keep jokes clean here of course and always am looking for feedback from our followers on topics you’d like to see or read. If you’ve noticed, I add funny little side stories that might involve me or random funniness. I would also love comments or feedback regarding our stories.

Our agency is small and we all have important ‘real’ jobs taking care of our HIV+ clients, but I do my best keeping this site ‘fresh’ for you as my job allows. I try to spell check without rambling too much..lol for those that know me personally, so forgive me if you see a typo. I try to make each story real with my thoughts. I remember when ARE first started this page and I was so nervous about getting 25 people to “LIKE” us..LOL. We have over 600 ‘likes’ so far and I’m humbled at those that follow us and support our cause globally or locally. I thank you my friends.

I know in today’s political correct society, I do my best not to offend anyone, but its very tough and sometimes impossible. I feel our site is ‘real’ and not just ‘another copy cat site’. We all can’t walk on egg shells all our life, we have to talk about issues. After working here for 4 years, I’ve had to grow a thick skin locally in the community due to the ‘stigma’ attached to HIV/AIDS. I’m a straight, married male but get teased even today about working with ‘those people’ or when am I going to get ‘it’. So my dear friends, be strong, stay tuned, keep watching and support ARE the best way you can. For without us, so many HIV+ individuals here in the surrounding 5 counties would loose life saving support. They need us and we need you.

Thank you for ….well,….. being you and being a ‘friend of ARE’. Please message me with ideas or suggestions since I’m the ‘man behind the curtain.’ Y’all rock my socks off….Mahalo..


Tom Thayer

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