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condom facts

We here at ‘ARE’ hope you enjoy our wide variety of topics that we cover everyday. When you read our blogs or stories, we want youcondom facts to learn something or at least to be informed.  Share this knowledge, forward, tag or have friends “Like” us. Don’t run away. The topics we cover are real and need to be discussed. We cannot hide ourselves or families from the world. They must be informed so they can make an educated decision when something happens, which it will. We can’t protect our families 24/7. We also want this site to be light natured at times since the topic of HIV/AIDS is heavy sometimes. We like to have fun as well and just to make life… well……enjoyable. Hope you enjoy what we do…

With that being said my dear followers… how about some fun condom facts shall we?

  • 18th century condoms were fashioned from sheep, lamb and goat intestines and sometimes, fish skin. (Icky..)
  • On average, women buy more condoms than men accounting for 40% – 70% of the purchasing market. (good for girls, don’t rely on guys since most don’t care)
  • Documentation suggests that legendary 19th century lover Casanova was a regular user of condoms, referring to them as ‘Redingote Anglaise’ (English riding coat)….sounds fancy huh?
  • On average, condoms hold about 4 quarts of liquid. That’s about 16 cups or 1 gallon of liquid or 3.8 litres. That’s larger than most milk bottles!…Hello! (As I tell my HIV101 Classes… with proper usage you can not break condoms!)
  • The Danish word for condom is Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel. (say what??? )

I hope you enjoyed these little tidbits of information that I’ve shared with you today. Now you can say you learned something new. When I teach my class, I always say, “If I can just reach 5 out of the 35 people today. I’ve made a difference and could’ve saved them. ”   Can I get a amen? Thanks.. :)

Tom Thayer


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