Looking for a LGBTQ Friendly Church in Winchester, VA? It’s Here Now


Yes, friends.. we’d like to help spread the word about this church that caters to ‘every’ person regardless of who you are. No judgements made……They’ve already had a service here and we’ve heard only good things about them. Check them out……

 Metropolitan Community Churches, New Light MCC

Mission statement

To reach the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Affirming community, family and friends; by providing a Christ-centered, safe, and nurturing environment for spiritual growth.


Core values


We are a Christian family. Our church is a spiritual home celebrating diversity in blended Christ-centered worship. We believe that we are called to be a priesthood of all believers. We practice direct dealing, tithing, and active discipleship in social action.


Finding a church that is right for you can be a difficult process. The best way to find out if a church is going to meet your needs is to simply pay it a visit and see how it feels, but walking into a church for the first time can be scary. If you’re thinking about coming along to New Light for the first time then these are the kind of questions you might ask;


Pastor: Rev. Michael Hydes

Winchester 7:00pm Service
@ The Lords Chapel

1244 Greenwood Road,
Winchester, VA 22602



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