This Day in History: House Votes to Ban HIV+ Immigrants March 12, 1993


 March 12, 1993

On March 12, 1993, the House followed the Senate’s lead and voted to ban immigrants from entering the United States. At the time, supporters of the ban believed that persons who were HIV positive presented an avoidable health threat. 

To best summarize the prevailing attitude at that time, consider the following quote from a leading legislator and proponent of the ban. “Because HIV is always fatal, the public health consequences of allowing HIV positive individuals to immigrate is of the highest order,” said Representative Thomas J. Bliley Jr., a Republican of Virginia. “We have never before permitted immigration of those who were infected in the middle of an epidemic. We should not start now.” 

The ban is little more than a reminder of a historically disappointing point in our nation’s past. Read the original article here:

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