Seattles New Sex Education Approach


The State of Washington’s education department is slowly moving into the heated debate over sex education in public schools with a new set of voluntary guidelines. 
The Bush administration has weighed in on the abstinence-only side, increasing federal financing for those programs. Planned Parenthood and other reproductive-rights groups have helped lead the opposition.  Now the state guidelines urge that medically and scientifically accurate information be offered about prevention of both disease and unwanted pregnancy. 
The information should include that abstinence from sexual activity is the only certain method of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, according to the five-page Guidelines for Sexual Health Information and Disease Prevention.  Like the guidelines, sex education is optional for Washington’s public schools. The only requirement is five hours of HIV-AIDS education beginning by fifth grade. In Seattle Public Schools, most fifth-grade teachers go beyond that to offer a 15-lesson presentation of the Family Life and Sexual Health program developed by Seattle/King County public health officials.

The guidelines call for age-appropriate information about a wealth of sexuality-related issues, including development of good communication skills and encouragement of healthy and meaningful relationships.  We are so happy to hear the slow movement away from abstinence only policy which was a good idea that never worked.  Think about it my people, what did ‘you’ do in middle & high school? Be honest now.mmmmmmmm are you blushing?  Education, education and more education is the key to stopping the spread of STI/STD, HIV/AIDS and unwanted teen pregnancies. This topic is a hot button for many people so discuss, do you think Seattle schools are right?

Tom Thayer


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