Baby Boomers, Hepatitis C & HIV/AIDS


We have seen the trend of Hepatitis C infections rising locally in the Winchester, VA area.  Winchester is known as a ‘recovery’ town much to the dismay of local officials.  More U.S. residents are now dying of hepatitis C complications than HIV-related illnesses, according to data summarized in the February issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. The future looks particularly bright for people living with hepatitis C, on account of the anticipated arrival of new treatments that are expected to substantially improve disease-free survival rates

Kathleen Ly, MPH, and her colleagues of the CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch, based their data involving 21.8 million deaths reported to the National Center for Health Statistics between 1999 and 2007.

Roughly 12,700 HIV-related deaths were reported to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2007. More than 15,000 HCV-related deaths were reported to the center that year.

Most viral hepatitis deaths occurred in people in the prime of their lives. About 59% of people who died of complications related to hepatitis B were baby boomers—men and women between the ages of 45 and 64. The impact of chronic hepatitis C was even more substantial: Almost 73% of the deaths related to HCV were in baby boomers.  Another story about baby boomers and the medical issues that group is facing.  Wake up boomers, get educated-don’t get infected.

Tom Thayer



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