Famous Persons Lost to HIV/AIDS-Robert Reed


Robert Reed… Your first thought is Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch TV Series that was so popular.

Here’s some facts you might not have known about his time as Mr. Brady. Producers planned for Reed to star in something else. Originally titled, The Bradley Bunch, the show featured a widowed man, who had 3 kids from a previous marriage, marrying a divorcee, also with 3 kids, from a previous marriage. According to former Gilligan’s Island creator Sherwood Schwartz, he said about the show’s plan for 6 kids (meaning 3 boys/3 girls) to create a well-blended family: “I read a small item in the Los Angeles Times. It said that that year, 29% of all marriages had a previous spouse with a child or children from that other marriage. It was a social phenomenon that was occurring, and I said, ‘I could take advantage of that.’ First choice for Mr. Brady was Gene Hackman Mrs Brady was Shirley Jones (Partridge Family) for game buffs.

Reed was married and had a daughter in later years.  Reed died on May 12, 1992, at his home in South Pasadena, California, after a six month battle with colon cancer and lymphoma; he tested HIV positive the previous year but did not have AIDS at the time of his death, as has been reported in the media.

You have be enlightened about Mr. Brady… now go about your day, be happy-we like you! :)

Tom Thayer

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Reed


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