Atlanta Police Job Discrimination?


Story out of Atlanta, GA.

The 40-year-old man sued the city in 2010, claiming he was denied a police officer job solely because he has the HIV virus. Atlanta attorneys argued there are other officers on the force with HIV, and said the police department does not have a blanket policy disqualifying candidates with the virus. Gay rights groups and police agencies are closely following the case.  The judges will issue a ruling later.

The man sued under the pseudonym Richard Roe and has requested anonymity because he believes his medical condition could prevent him from other job opportunities.  Roe moved to Atlanta to find a better job and joined the city’s taxicab enforcement unit. In January 2006, he decided he wanted to join the police force. He passed a series of tests, but hit a snag when a blood test revealed he had the virus that causes AIDS. The doctor didn’t do any more tests, according to records, and recommended to the city that he have “no physical contact or involvement with individuals.”

The stories of HIV discrimination still continue which is sad to see.  There is so much education regarding transmission of HIV that you’d think everyone would be educated.. but alas, that is not the case. 

Tom Thayer


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