Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield Spreads Misinformation About HIV


In today’s times with information and the knowledge regarding transmission of HIV/AIDS this story is painful to read.  An educated, US State Senator from Tennessee; Stacey Campfield states that, “My understanding is that it is virtually — not completely, but virtually — impossible to contract AIDS through heterosexual sex…very rarely [transmitted],”  said Campfield adding, ”What’s the average lifespan of a homosexual? it’s very short. Google it yourself.”

 OMG!!! This is absolutely wrong. Believing this can get you killed. Spreading this kind of misinformation and having people believe it will get people sick or dead. It is NOT virtually impossible to contract AIDS through heterosexual sex. In fact, it’s very easy.

According to the State of Tennessee’s own statistics, there are 3,694 people in the state living with HIV who acquired it through heterosexual transmission. 21% of HIV/AIDS cases in Tennessee in general were contracted through heterosexual sex. Among black Tennesseans, 26% of HIV/AIDS cases were transmitted through heterosexual sex.

Senator Campfield is also the force behind his state’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. Speaking about his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Campfield claims, ”[Homosexuals] do not naturally reproduce. It has not been proven that it is nature. It happens in nature, but so does bestiality That does not make it right or something we should be teaching in school.”

This man is very, very scary spreading false information that is already scientifically proven and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states on its website the correct information.  I now our country is based on free-speech but with his status as Senator, his actions and words could have a deadly effect.

Tom Thayer

info: http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/gop-senator-virtually-impossible-for-heterosexuals-to-contract-aids/politics/2012/01/26/33697

info: http://www.nashvillescene.com/pitw/archives/2012/01/27/stacey-campfield-spreads-deadly-misinformation


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