The Most Expensive Condom


It was just announced today by Louis Vuitton that they’re offering a condom for sale… Are you sitting down, because this 1 time use condom will set you back about $68 per condom. WOW!  Here’s what the company states:

Louis Vuitton condom is a luxurious condom which has became the talk of the (Internet) town. With the products images and informations being spread virally across the Internet, it truly is an amazing phenomenon. Louis Vuitton (or also known as LV) was established in 1854 by Louis Vuitton Malletier himself. This French fashion label is a hit among people from all ages and gender. They have a huge range of products, from shoes, bags, luggages, sunglasses, jewelries and many more. All their products have the famous Louis Vuitton monogram.
Louis Vuitton condom, although was not created by the company, has their LV monogram. To date, they are one of the most successful fashion brands.  The Louis Vuitton condom was actually designed and created by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from Georgia Republic, who is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton company. He intends to launch the product on World Aids Day to benefit amfAr (The foundation for AIDS Research). Before the product was launched, there are already many rumors spreading across blogs, websites and so on on this luxury condoms. Apparently, there are many Louis Vuitton fans, who are really looking forward to this product. The condom are said to be priced at $68 each, which makes it one of the most expensive condoms one can buy. With this success, many people are also looking for other luxurious brand condoms.
Guess that’s how the 1% protects themselves from STD/STI’s? If I’d have paid that much for a condom, I’d want it to stay for the weekend, fix my meals, shave my face and drive me to work.

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